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Sunday, October 21, 2007

L.A. at Last

Ever since I started acting, I've been saying, "Next year, I'm moving to Los Angeles." Next year would come, and then I'd say it again. And again. Finally, next year is now! On October 23, 2007, I'm leaving the City by the Bay for the City of Angels.

The years I've spent in the tight-knit Bay Area film-making community have been immensely rewarding. I'll never forget:
  • feeling chills of pride the first time I saw a film of mine on a big screen (Foucault Who in a sold-out Herbst Theater)
  • spending my 30th birthday in the Outer Mission filming the lead in the enigmatic feature Not Today
  • dressing up as Hatter in Wonderland -- a.k.a. San Francisco's Presidio
  • spending a whirlwind night and day in a Santa Rosa mechanic's garage filming a lead in the award-winning 48-Hour Film Project Like Lightning
  • filming Chance in Reno and understanding how liberating it is to be on location for five straight days and focused purely on acting
  • working with and befriending the talented and delightfully offbeat gang at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking -- Eileen Agas, Rachel Nichols, Dan Juenemann, and Arlene Skjerly
I've met so many genuinely good-hearted cast and crew in the Bay Area ... people giving their all under difficult conditions to make movies ... and I owe them my thanks.

Part of me has feared making the big leap to L.A. -- of facing crushing competition, of waiting in long audition lines, of being yet another actor hyphenate. But the last 14 months have been a true emotional roller coaster for me, with the amicable end of my 11-year marriage to Anita, the joyous beginning of my new love with Bobbie, and the shifting sands of my decade-plus day job at the AIDS Foundation. One sign after another was pointing south to L.A., and I am ready.

So, here I go. Bobbie and I found a great apartment right in the middle of Hollywood -- it's just two blocks from the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood & Vine Metro Station ... a few blocks from the nation's best movie theater, The ArcLight ... and for the Oscars this year we'll be able to walk to the Kodak Theatre to watch the action on the red carpet.

While I build my network of contacts and go out on auditions, I'll continue working as a permanent or contract web developer. I'm so lucky that my day job is one that I find fulfulling as well!

We're making a five-year commitment to this dream of mine, and I am going to give it my all.


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Lin Shukla said...

I am SOOOOO happy for you (both). I feel blessed and honored to have shared the screen with you in LIKE LIGHTNING. I've never before worked with such a considerate acting partner as you.

I'll (hopefully) see you, and work with you, in LA within the 5 years (that would be a dream-come-true).

Much, much happiness and success to you, Jeff. You so deserve it.


At 12:12 PM, Anonymous Ron Nakano said...



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